5 Tips for New Puppy Parents

Congratulations! Having a puppy join your family can be very exciting, but also leave new owners feeling lost sometimes. Here is a list of 5 important tips for new puppy parents. With these helpful tips, you will be headed in the right direction to make sure that not only your puppy is happy, but that you are too!

1. Neuter or Spay: If you are not planning on breeding, getting him or her neutered or spayed is really important. Not only does it help prevent cancers in the reproductive organs from appearing later down the line, but also is proven to decrease aggression. Studies show it can allow your new friend to be more playful and safe around other animals too.

2. Get a Collar: Now that you have your dog, making sure people know whom it belongs to is very important. Make sure to include the dog’s name, and the best phone number to reach you at on the dog tag, in case your dog gets out. This can help insure your new friend will be returned to your happy home.

3. Find a trusted vet: Whether it be a check up, questions about health, or time for updates on vaccines, finding a vet near you is very important. Asking a trusted neighbor or a local pet store are two great places to start when it comes to looking for a trusted vet.

4. Picking the right Diet: Just like you have preferences on food, your dog does too. The most important part of your dog’s new diet is that it includes lots of protein. Some dogs can have allergies to wheat, so sticking to a chicken and vegetable regimen can be beneficial. Trial and error is a great way to get started to further get to know what your dog likes best.

5. Potty Training: Starting early with potty training is key! Every time your dog wakes up from a nap, or right before your dog goes to sleep, make sure you take them outside. Place him or her directly on the area where you want to be the “potty area”. Lastly, rewarding good behavior with a treat immediately after will help reinforce the behaviors you are looking for.

Just like anything new, adjustment time is completely normal, especially when adding a new dog into your family. With the help of these quick and easy tips, you and your new dog will be headed for success in no time. Happy Playing!