8 Tips For Greeting A Dog

We all know when we see a dog in public we immediately want to run up to him or her and show them some love. There are some rules you should follow to keep yourself and the dog safe while saying hello.

  1. Ignore the dog and let him come up to you. You might scare him if you approach too quickly or immediately try to touch in a fast  motion. 
  2. Ask their owner if you may touch the dog. Assuming they say yes, follow the rest of these steps. 
  3. Stay relaxed and calm.
  4. Don't look the dog in the eyes.
  5. Turn your body so you are not facing the dog.
  6. Squat or stand straight, but do not crouch over a dog because that may make them feel threatened. 
  7. Let the dog sniff your hand before you pet. If a dog isn't interested, don't force yourself.
  8. Pet the dog on his head or stomach. They will let you know if they want more or if you should stop.

Listen to the signs of the dog and do not make any threatening movements to always keep you both safe. We hope these tips have helped you to know the best way to approach a dog.