Benefits of a Pet Friendly Office

In the past few years, the rate of offices who are pet friendly has been increasing steadily. There are many benefits for the pet and employees to creating a pet friendly work environment. Recently to help attract millennials, some companies even offer subsided pet insurance policies and "paw-ternity" leave to let employees work from home when they adopt a new a dog.  

There are many benefits to a pet friendly workplace. Having pets around leads to lower levels of stress, greater creativity as owners need to take more walks throughout the day, a greater sense of community as other employees feel more inclined to hang out with each other.

Employers also benefit from allowing pets in the office because employees can work later in the day or enjoy after hour activities instead of running home to their pet. Companies also have experienced a higher retention rate of employees when they're able to bring along their furry friends. 

It is imperative that the company does create a pet policy to ensure safety, for not only the pet, but other employees. There must be guidelines as to whether the pets can roam around freely or stay in a certain area. 

In 2016, Banfield Pet Hospital conducted a survey called the "Pet-Friendly Workplace PAWrometer" to "explore the impact of pets in the workplace."  

Check out their findings below: 

Source: Banfield Pet Hospital

It is evident, all workplaces should be pet friendly which will help keep employee morale high and stress levels low -- ultimately benefitting the entire company from top-down. Make sure your office and other pets in the office stay flea free the all natural way with Flea Away