Benefits of Flea Away

Not only does Flea Away protect from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, but also it offers several other benefits to your pet.

One major benefit you are sure to notice is that Flea Away reduces shedding. All that time you spent brushing your furry pet can now be spent doing other things. Flea Away will surely decrease the amount of fur left around the corners of your house. Along with reducing shedding, it will also increase the shine appearance of the fur. After implementing Flea Away into your pet’s daily routine, get ready for a coat full of shine. A second benefit of Flea Away is that it helps calm dermatitis. Just like humans, dogs and cats can develop skin conditions from allergies, food, and the environment around them. To help minimize the itchiness they experience from skin issues like these, use Flea Away. Not only is Flea Away an all-natural flea, tick and mosquito repellant, it is an all-around vitamin supplement so a ton of our customers use it all year round, not just during flea season.

Along with our repellant product, we also offer a home remedy that can be safely used around the house. Since one flea can lay up to sixy eggs, it is important to not only treat your pet with Flea Away repellant, but also to treat your home, the other affected area. By sprinkling our DE product around your home, and even on your pet's bed, this product ensures to eliminate the remaining eggs and fleas that are not found on your animal.

Combining the use of our two products will ensure a flea free environment. For more information about our two products, along with other remedies to help eliminate fleas in your home and on your pet, check out the rest of our website.