Dog Friendly Weekend Activities

The weather is warming up and the sun has been shining the past couple weeks. It makes us want to get outside and soak up the sun with our dogs! We've rounded up some fun activities you and your four legged best friend can both enjoy on the weekends. 

Dog Beach/Park 

If your dog loves interacting and playing with other dogs, let him/her enjoy the freedom of being leash free. We are lucky enough to live in San Diego, California with a few dog friendly beaches to choose from. We love seeing them run into the waves and play with the other dogs.

If you're not located near a beach or lake, you can always go to your nearest dog park for some off leash fun and exercise. Play a game of frisbee or let them run free to get some exercise. We even love to enjoy picnics with our dogs at the near by park.


For some exploring outside of your city, take a short drive (or a long one) to sleep under the stars. With endless hiking and scenery to take in, your pup will enjoy the escape from the city just as much as you will. 

Make sure you are prepared with enough food and water and clean up after your dog at all times. Be weary of poisonous plants and other animals that may wonder near by. Camping is the perfect weekend bonding trip and great for your dog to get plenty of exercise in. Check out this list of Pet Friendly Campsites around the country.  


You don't have to go that far away to get a good dose of nature and exercise. Find some hiking trails near your city and grab the whole family. Hike With Your Dog has links to all the places in the United States and Canada that have dog friendly trails. 

Outdoor Beer Garden/Winery

Everyone loves a good day drinking spot. Most restaurants in our area that have an outdoor patio will allow dogs without any issues, just make sure and call beforehand to verify. As summer approaches, most people will be flocking to an outdoor beer garden on the weekends. Find one in your area and you'll be sure to see as many different types of dogs as there are taps. 

Wineries have also become more lenient with allowing pets to join the festivities. Make sure you call ahead and ask if dogs are allowed in the tasting rooms or just in the outdoor areas. As always, don't forget treats, water, and poop bags for your dog. 

Luxury Hotel Weekend 

If you and your dog are in need of some pampering and you're not really feeling outdoorsy, book a room at a dog friendly hotel. Some hotels even have dog friendly spas where they can get groomed and massaged. 

Take a walk around town and visit a dog bakery for some treats. You'll both feel rejuvenated on the way back home.  

Throw a BBQ

If you just want to relax at home for the weekend a backyard barbecue is always a good idea. Invite some dog and human friends over for some food and games. Fire up the grill and enjoy your yard that probably sat unused for most of winter. You can even grill up some chicken or meat for the dog guests. Just don't add any seasonings and let the food cool down enough before feeding them. 

Happy Weekending! 


Let us know how you soak up the weekend with your furry best friend! Don't forget to keep them protected from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos when outdoor with all natural Flea Away

If you're also located in San Diego, check out this list of fun activities, such as paddle boarding and boating, that allow dogs: