Fall Activities For Your Dog

With the weather changing and leaves falling, take advantage of the beautiful scenery and have some fun with your dog. We're aren't the only ones who will enjoy the changing season and cooler weather. 

  • Hike - Take your dog on a hike and enjoy the changing colors of the trees. Your dog will enjoy running through the leaves, just as much as you will. 

  • Apple Picking/Pumpin Patch - Dogs enjoy these activities and love to get out and get some exercise. They can even enjoy eating the apples and pumpkin! 

  • Football - We're all enjoying football season over here. Why not get your dog involved in the fun? Take your dog along to watch the game and even dress him up in your team's jersey. 

  • Camping - extend your hike into a weekend getaway and enjoy some camping. Check out our blog on the top dog-friendly campsites in the US and hit the road. These views will be extra stunning with the oranges hues.
  • Snuggle by the fireplace - as the weather cools down, we can't help but get extra cuddly with our dogs. Read a book or watch a movie with your furry best friend and no one will be complaining. 
  • Enjoy fall treats - check out our last blog for some ideas for DIY autumn treats you can make for your dog with fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. 

Even though it's down season for fleas, you should continue giving your dog his daily Flea Away vitamin to keep his fur shiny and provide calcium for healthy bones, all year long! Especially if you'll be out hiking and camping, Flea Away will protect your dog from fleas and ticks even during the cooler months. How are you indulging in fall with your dog?