How To Choose The Right Dog Food

With so many types and brands of dog food it can get very overwhelming to determine what you should be giving your dog for optimal health. There are some factors to consider that we will discuss to make the decision easier. 

The first way to go is to find the foods with the best quality ingredients -- whole meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains and no fillers. Dogs who are in the wilderness only eat these true whole foods. If you want to give your dog a diet closest to their natural needs it is best you feed them as if they are in the wilderness. Your dog deserves the best quality foods. If you have time, the best thing you can do is cook your dog plain chicken and vegetables, such as carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes. Unfortunately we all live busy lives, so here's what to look for when finding the perfect dog food for your dog. 

You can start by making a list of the problems your dog may have such as bad breath, thinning coat, allergies etc. and a list of the positives. If your dog has major problems consider visiting the vet and an extreme change of diet. Certain foods aim to help certain areas so that is a great starting point. If your dog is regularly healthy and happy you may already be feeding them a beneficial diet.  

You can try different types of food for a week at a time to see what your dog likes best and how they react. Notice changes in behavior and stool to determine if one food is better than the other. You may take suggestions from your vet on the type of food, but it is ultimately based on what your dog likes the best. He or she may not like or have a reaction to a vet recommended brand. 

Different factors will affect how much calories your dog should be eating each day. Age, activity level, environmental conditions, reproduction and lactation all come into play. Puppies need more calories to sustain their growth and energy levels, where as, older dogs may not need as much calories because they are less active. Even older dogs who are still very active will need to eat more than a less active dog their same age. If your dog is pregnant or just gave birth she will need a higher calorie intake to support the puppies and be able to produce milk.

All dogs should eat twice daily, except for puppies who should be eating three times a day or more if they are still getting their mothers milk. The type of food and amount will vary depending on all the things we have just discussed. Test out different foods and make sure your pup is happy, because their happiness is most important.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and to keep your dog flea free, try Flea Away today.