How to Keep Your Dog Busy When You're At Work

Sadly, we can't take our dogs with us everywhere. Here are some tricks that work wonders and keep our dogs busy while we're away. We have multiple dogs now and they can keep each other company. This wasn't always the case. When you only have one dog, it's especially important to find ways to keep him or her entertained to avoid stir craziness. 


Kongs are great because you can put anything your dog prefers into it and keep him entertained for a few hours. We love to freeze peanut butter overnight in the kong and place it out in the morning for some extended fun. You can mix in wet and dry kibble or purchase pre-made kong stuffings that squeeze out like cheese whiz.

Dog Puzzles 

There are many type of dog puzzles and brain toys on the market. Your dog will have to engage with the toy to release a treat. These games are great because it keeps the dog's brain busy and focused.


Leaving the television on can help with dogs who experience separation anxiety. The background noise will distract your pup from missing you. 


Leave a window open that doesn't have access to a busy street to help your dog relax. He can peep out and wait for your return by watching the trees and birds fly by. 


Petcube (and other similar products) allow you to talk, watch, and give your dog a treat from your phone. You can monitor your dog from wherever you are and keep in contact.


Nylabones are safer than raw hide and promote healthy teeth. Dogs can chew on these for a long period of time and there's no need to worry about choking. Some are flavored, so you can let your dog choose his favorite.

Long Walks 

Taking your dog on a long walk, or even a hike, in the mornings will help tire him out and relax the rest of the day. This daily exercise will benefit the both of you! 


What are some other activities you do for your dog when you're out of the house? Drop us a comment on one of our social channels! Don't forget to give your dog Flea Away daily. It's a multi vitamin benefitting a healthy coat, calcium for strong bones, and flea prevention!