How to Throw an Epic Dog Birthday Party

We love spoiling our "fur babies" on the daily, so their birthdays shouldn't be any different. If you don't know your dog's birthday, you can always celebrate the date of their adoption or any other day that is special for you both. 

Here's what you'll need for an epic birthday party! 

  • Guest List
    • Make sure all the dogs invited have already been aquatinted. While fun, a dog party can be a stressful time for dogs who are new to the group. 
    • Make sure the owners stick around for the party to help with supervision. If you're having the party at a park or beach, it may be best to invite some pooch less friends to help with supervision.  
  • Location
    • If you have a home with a nice sized yard, having your party there would seem fitting. 
    • If your like most Americans and live in an apartment - finding a space for a dog party is a little more tricky. A dog park, dog friendly beach, or a friend's yard will do the trick. 
    • A party full of small dogs could work inside for a few hours, but if having larger dogs at the party, an outdoor space would work best so they can run around freely.  

  • Food
    • The reason why we go to parties in the first place!
    • You want to make sure both your four legged and two legged friends can enjoy the festivities with some awesome food.
    • You can make a dog friendly cake from scratch, check out these 14 recipes or buy a special treat from a dog bakery. They've been around for years now and can easily create speciality items like: cakes, cookies, and ice creams.
    • Provide dog friendly snacks like; apples, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
    • Don't forget a nice appetizer spread or make it easy by ordering pizzas for your hungry human friends.

  • Activities
    • Ultimate Frisbee - purchase some new balls and frisbees so your dog's favorite toys don't get destroyed. All the dogs will love joining in on the fun.
    • Backyard Water Park - if your party is happening during the warmer months and your guests love the water, this guide to making your own water park oasis from Barkpost is a must have! Check it out here.
    • Photo Booth - set up a backdrop with a sheet or piece of fabric so guests can take photos. You can do DIY or purchase props from a party store to add some fun.
    • For an extra plus - come up with a party hashtag. This has become a fun and easy way for guests to share photos from parties on their social media platforms.  

  • Accessories 
    • If you're into decorating, there are a ton of dog themed plates, cups, and napkins you can choose from to put that extra touch or do any theme that fits your pups personality.
    • Create cute invites or set up a Facebook event to make sure all your friends don't forget about the big day and can RSVP.
    • Don't forget doggie party hats! 


Make sure you keep all the dogs at your party flea free with their own bottle of Flea Away to take home! Flea Away makes the perfect party favor for your guests and you'll be sure to make your party one for the books.