Low Maintenance Pet Friendly House Plants

Looking to add more greenery and purify the air in your home, but worried about harming your cat or dog? Here are 7 easy to care for plants that are entirely non-toxic for pets. 

Spider Plants


Spider plants are easy to care for and can grow in any condition. They are safe for cats and dogs to be around and even purify your air. These plants are fun to hang high since those low hanging leaves can be tempting for your cat to play with!

Money Tree

Money trees are said to invite good luck and prosperity into your home and reduce formaldehyde from the air. As the stems and leaves grow, it's symbolic of your wealth growing. They're safe for your pets to be around and good if you have asthma, lung issues, or live in a smoggy city. 


They are many different types of palms plants and are very common house plants. Areca, bamboo, parlor, and ponytail palms are some of the most common indoor palm plants, just make sure you don't bring Sago Palms home to your pet because they toxic to them. The Areca Palm is the easiest to grow and also purifies the air. They like bright, in direct light and only need watering about once a week. 


Bamboos are easy to care for because they don't need that much water and are totally non-toxic to pets. If you typically don't have a green thumb, these are probably the easiest plants to keep alive. Potted Bamboo is easy to find and you don't have to worry about them overgrowing in their container.

Boston Fern

Boston Ferns thrive in high humidity and in-direct light. Hang one in your bathroom for extra low maintenance on your part. These ferns also act as natural air humidifiers when you have the heater on all winter long. 

African Violet

If you want to add another pop of color to your home besides green, the African Violet blooms pretty purple or deep pink flowers. Keep them in a warm location near plenty of light, preferably near a window, and they will easily bloom all year long. 

Moth Orchid

For expert green thumbs, the Moth Orchid is a beautiful addition to your home. They purify the air and are known to combat paint fumes. Perfect if you just moved in or gave your home a little paint pick me up. 


Plants are great for adding pops up of color to your home and freshening the air. If you currently have a plant you don't know is safe, check out ASPCA's full list of which plants are harmful and safe to have around cats, pets, and horses. 

Even though, a plant is non-toxic your pet may still be allergic to one. Just like humans, pets can be allergic to anything. If your pet eats a little of a plant make sure you watch them to see if they have a negative reaction. As the weather continues to warm up, keep your pets protected from fleas with all natural Flea Away.