Thanksgiving Pet Safety

November is a month of reflection. A time to think about the year coming to an end and start to plan goals for the coming year. It is the month of Thanksgiving and showing appreciation and gratitude for many things, including our beloved dogs and other pets who are family. 

We've rounded some guidelines to have a safe Thanksgiving day while sharing the lovely meal with your dog and avoid injury. 

We all want to indulge in the Thanksgiving feast. If you decide to share some turkey with your dog, make sure it's fully cooked and there are no bones. Our furry companions may benefit from green beans and sweet potatoes, just be sure there isn't any seasoning or gravy on them. The fat in gravy can cause Pancreatitis in dogs.

Be mindful of guests leaving plates and alcoholic beverages in a place where they're easily accessible for a dog to reach. You don't want them to overindulge or get a bit of some dessert that could be harmful. Be sure to dispose of all trash in a garbage can that pets can't easily find. Pumpkin is great for a dog's digestion tract, just be sure to provide real pumpkin and not pumpkin pie mix if your dog has an upset tummy or just wants a yummy treat.

If the festivities occur at your home and especially if there will be overnight guests for the weekend, create a safe space for your dog. Reinforce he has a cozy place to go to that will be away from the noise and people. Set ground rules with visitors about feeding and playing. Holiday stress can lead to dogs and cats running away in neighborhoods. If you see a lonely pet roaming around call the owners and check all your microchips and tags are up to date. 

Traveling for the holiday? Pack for your dog as well as yourself. You will need plenty of food, toys, and a bed or a blanket your dog likes to sleep with so he doesn't feel too homesick. Determine with your veterinarian if flying is the best option for your dog. Airplanes can put dogs at risk and cause stress. If driving, be sure to keep your dog secure in any vehicle, have plenty of water readily available, and take bathroom and short walk breaks. Unfortunately, if you can't take your dog with you leave him with a trusted sitter or boarding facility so you both can enjoy the holiday with relaxation.

We hope you have a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday. We are extremely grateful to all our wonderful customers!