Tips For Road Tripping With Your Dog

Planning to take your best friend on the road with you? We know it's hard to be away from your pup and traveling with them by your side brings an extra kick of joy to a trip. However, there are certain things you should prep for in order to make sure not only you, but your dog is having a great time. 

Secure Seating Area: When driving with your dog, make sure you have a safe, secure place for them to sit. We all know how distracting it can be to have your dog walking and jumping all around your car when you are trying to focus on the road. Not only will having a secure area for your dog prevent additional distractions, you also want to ensure the safety of your dog in case of any abrupt stops or accidents in general. There actually are pet car seats and seat belts you can get, depending on how serious you want to get in this department.

Don't Forget the Essentials: Make sure to plan ahead and pack all of your dog's essentials. Don't rely on buying food on the road or at your final destination, as your brand of dog food might not be available everywhere. You do not want to feed your pup a new brand of food while traveling in case it upsets their stomach or they simply do not like it. Plan ahead and see how much food they will need, and don't be afraid to pack a little extra just in case! Collapsable water bowls are also a great, handy addition for road trips. Other things to bring include bedding, a leash, their favorite toys, a hair brush, and a dog first aid kit. 

Preventative Safety Tips: It is a good idea to make sure your dog has an updated collar and tag with accurate information in case of any emergency. It is also recommended to bring your dog to the vet for a quick check up to ensure there should be no problems throughout your trip.

Research Pet Friendly Hotels: Plan out your route see which hotels along the way are pet friendly. Not every hotel will allow your pets inside and it can be very stressful to find a pet friendly location while already on the go. Many hotels love to accommodate our furry friends, so with a little advanced planning you should be good to go!

Road trips create some amazing memories, especially when our pets are along for the ride. Prepare ahead of time and you will be in for a stress-free & exciting trip to remember! Don't forget to pack your Flea Away to keep your pup flea free all vacation long.