Tips To Make Flying With Pets Safe and Easy

It's summer time, which means it is also vacation season! As exciting as vacations can be, there is always an added layer of stress when planning every last detail to a trip especially when pets are involved. If you are planning on traveling with your furry friend anytime soon, we have a few tips to help make your time away as seamless and successful as PAWsible.

Choose pet-friendly airlines and hotels. 

Many hotels and airlines do not allow pets, so research a bit ahead of time and see which different company policies are animals. Some airlines known for their pet-friendliness are JetBlue and United, although many other airlines accommodate pets for a variety of costs. In regards to hotels, there are also many pet-friendly options. Motel 6 and La Quinta are both great choices at the more affordable spectrum. If you are really looking to spoil your furry friend, Kimpton and Loews Hotels offer luxury services to keep you pet happy all vacation long.

Don't forget a collar!

As much as we try to keep an eye on our pets, accidents do happen and it is important to be prepared for any situation! Make sure you pet has an secure, accurate collar with your updated contact information in case you by chance become separated from them.

Check in with your pet's health.

 Not every animal is suited to fly, especially if they are experiencing any health problems. It is recommended to schedule an appointment with your vet before flying to make sure they are in travel-ready shape! It is also important to know which airlines have specific health & immunization requirements. Be sure to read up on those when choosing your airline and let your vet know what is necessary.

Plan ahead to make sure you are bringing sufficient pet supplies. 

The worst thing that could happen is running out of pet food and not having access to what food your pet needs broad. Portion out the food ahead of time and make sure you are bringing enough food, as well as any sort of medication or treatments your pet uses. Other recommended supplies to bring include a leash, pet carrier, collar and any toys they love.

For many of us, summer vacations are times we will never forget. Having your furry friend be apart of it just makes it that much better. Flying with a pet can take some planning, but if you work out the details ahead of time, you will be in for a successful vacation. And of course, make sure not to forget your Flea Away to ensure your pet stays flea free on your trip!