Tips To Prevent Litter Box Problems

When it comes to litter boxes, there are just a few things to know. But, surprisingly these few things can have a huge impact on your cat.

Although it might be nice to keep your cat's litter box in the garage, as it keeps out odors and isn’t visible to house guests, it is important to have your cat's litter box in an easily accessible area. I’m sure you know how difficult removing cat urine can be from any surface, let alone carpet. To help ensure you won’t be calling the carpet cleaners anytime soon, placing the litter box in an easily accessible area will help minimize that activity.

Something else that might not be as widely known, is that cats like privacy. Just like we value privacy when going to the bathroom, it is also important to your cat. So, putting the litter box somewhere that doesn’t drive a lot of foot traffic in the house is another thing to keep in mind when placing the litter box somewhere in your home.

Different cats have different preferences. Similar to preferring certain food to others, cats also prefer certain litter to others. By visiting pet stores with a large selection, you are sure to find the best type of litter for your cat.

Lastly, the most important way to ensure you cat is doing his business in the litter box is to make sure it is not placed anywhere near their food or water bowl. Cats do not like having their litter box too close to where they eat. Separating the two areas will help train your cat where to go to the bathroom and where to go when it’s dinner time.

Following or adjusting to these new findings will help make sure your cat is going to the bathroom in the litter box and not on your new soft carpet.