Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

Do you ever wonder why your dog does a certain behavior? Some behaviors may seem odd to humans, but are totally normal in the dog world.  


Some researchers suggest a dog may lick due to its mother licking him/her as a pup for grooming purposes. This learned behavior continues into adulthood for the puppy. A dog may lick to show love and affection. Most dogs do lick, which is different from cats who seldom lick their human.  

Tail Chasing

A dog tends to chase its tail much more at a young age and when just learning its surroundings. As the dog grows up, he/she may still perform this tail chasing behavior out of boredom or habit. Although, tail chasing is a natural dog behavior, excessive chasing and chewing at the skin once the tail is caught is something to look out for.  

Head Tilt

Who doesn't think it's cute when a dog tilts her/his head when someone is speaking? A dog isn't tilting its head to be cute, some research finds a dog may tilt her/his head when a sound is unusual. The tilt of the head makes it easier to determine what the sound is because the muzzle may obstruct vision. A dog may also be trying to pick out key words like 'fetch' or 'walk' in the sentence.  

Eat Poop

A mother dog eats the poop of her litter to clean up the area since they can't go too far yet. Hence, a young puppy may learn this behavior from her and think it's normal. As your puppy gets older, he/she may just be curious or possibly smell food in its feces. Poop eating could be a sign of malnutrition, but most of the time can be unlearned through proper training. If the habit does persist, you should contact your veterinarian. 


Animal behaviorists think howling is a trait that has been passed on from the dog ancestor, the wolf. Wolves howl to send messages back and forth to their pack members who might be far away. Howling may be rewarding for dogs to do now just for fun. If multiple dogs live together, one may try to howl the loudest to pronounce its leadership of the pack. 

Walk in Circles Before Lying Down

It's always interesting to see a dog spin around in endless circles before lying down. A dog thinks it's making the area more comfortable because of another ancestral trait. Dogs in the wild would make a "nest" out of leaves and debris that were on the ground. Wild dogs would spin and pat down the leaves to make a sleeping area more comfortable leading our domesticated dogs to carry on the behavior.


What are some other odd behaviors your dog does? Drop us a comment on our social media channels and let us know. A common trait amid all dogs? The love of liver! Make sure to give your dog Flea Away daily to protect from fleas, its natural liver taste makes it a hit among all dogs.