What to do About Flea Infestation

The best flea control is prevention. Unfortunately, sometimes people and pets find that their environment is already infested with fleas. Rather than resorting to toxic chemicals and poisons to eliminate fleas, you should know there are safe and natural alternatives. First, washing is effective in eliminating fleas. Combing and shampooing your pet is a great way to immediately eliminate fleas from your pet. If fleas are found on the comb, dip the com in a bowl of soapy water. When shampooing your pet, we recommend using a natural and gentle shampooing product instead of a flea dip or pesticide shampoo. Soap and warm water kills fleas without poison.

Be mindful that shampooing too frequently may cause your pet’s skin to become overly dry. There are gentle pet shampoo products on the market specially formulated for animals with dry or problem skin.


Use warm water and start lathering around pet’s neck and work back towards the tail. This way any fleas on your pet trying to crawl away from the shampoo will not congregate on your pet’s face.

To eliminate fleas from your pet’s bed, you should wash your pet’s bedding with detergent in HOT water and dry bedding thoroughly in the dryer. This will help prevent your pet from becoming re-infested when he or she sleeps. Frequent vacuuming of floors, rugs, furniture, and pillows is an effective way of removing fleas and their eggs from your pet’s environment. To prevent caught fleas from climbing out of your vacuum cleaner’s bag and re-infesting, be sure to properly dispose of the vacuum cleaner’s waste. Proper disposal of the vacuum cleaner waste also avoids the risk of having collected flea eggs from hatching inside the bag and re-infesting your pet’s environment.