What to Know if You Want a Dog and Work Full Time

Worried about getting a dog because you work full time? We’re here to help! Raising a dog isn't always the easiest, but the love and joy a dog will bring into any home will make it all worthwhile. An important factor to consider is if you want to adopt a puppy who will need much more training and attention or an older dog who is already potty trained, making life a little easier.

Of course, it's nice to be home all day cuddling with your new furry bestie! But that's not a reality because - hey you have to go work to be able to give the dog a good life. We rescued a dog while in college and it was great because between classes and working it was easy to go home and check up on her. But for everyone who isn't so lucky, a dog may still be in the immediate future and here's how:

Take your dog to the office

According to PetFinder, 19% of dog owners take their pup to work at least once a month. Many offices allow dogs, just check in with managers first. There are many benefits to bringing dogs to work, including lower stress and a happier work environment.

Entertainment while you're away

If you are crate training it’s okay to leave your dog in a smaller area of your home so he doesn’t get overwhelmed looking around the room. You can leave a toy in the crate with him as well. If your dog is roaming the house, you can leave an array of toys out. There are tons of puzzles and games on the market that will keep your dog entertained for hours while you are away. Check out our blog post about this topic.

Prevent separation anxiety

Dogs can wreak havoc to your home if left alone for a long period of time and get bored. They are prone to chew up couches, clothes, scratch at doors and walls. You can prevent this bad behavior by leaving something behind that smells like you like a sweater or blanket. This will make your dog miss you less and feel safe as they cuddle with the piece of clothing.  

Try a dog walker

There are many apps on the market that help find reliable dog walkers. These walkers are vetted and can even go pick up your dog while you’re out. If you still feel a little skeptical of these apps (leaving our babies with someone can be scary) you can phone a family member or neighbor who may be able to take your pup out to stretch his legs during your long hours away.

Go home during lunch

If you don't have a long commute to and from work, coming home during lunch may be the best option to walk and let him out to do his business. Maybe go to a nearby dog park so your dog can release some energy and take a long nap afterward. Your dog will be especially happy to see you during these visits during the day!

We hope these tips help if you are struggling with leaving your fur baby at home while at work. It’s okay to feel guilty sometimes, but just remember you can spend some great quality time on the weekends and after work! Don’t forget your Flea Away to keep your dog healthy and flea free.