Why Socialization is Important For Your Dog

Socialization is the process of exposing your dog to new or unfamiliar environments and situations and is important for several reasons. Introducing your dog to a variety of environments from a young age will help them to develop skills that will come in handy when encountering new things. Here are a few ways your dog will benefit from being socialized from a young age:


Almost always, dogs who are socialized exhibit much friendlier behavior than dogs who are not. For example, if a dog is only used to being around women, they can become very wary and unfriendly to men. This applies not only to men, but anyone or anything they are unfamiliar with (animals, children, people in uniform, etc). 


Socialized dogs can calmly deal with a variety of situations and tend not to react in erratic ways. Dogs that are not exposed early on sometimes act in very unpredictable ways and can react dramatically to small changes in an environment. To avoid any sudden scares, expose your dog to every situation you can when they are young. Therefore, seeing something new or dealing with an unfamiliar face won't feel like something out of the ordinary.

Stress Levels:

Not only does socializing your dog help you as an owner, it helps your dog tremendously in regards to their stress levels. Unsocialized dogs tend to have many fears and fetishes that cause high levels of stress on their body. As we know, stress is bad for our health, but many people do not know it is just as bad for our dog's health. Your dog will have to be around veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, etc. at some point and you want them to not only be trusting and relaxed around them. The more socialized your dog is, the fewer fears and fetishes they will have.


We saved the best for last! The most important benefit of socializing your dog is their happiness. The less stress and discomfort a dog has to deal with, the happier it can be! We want to be happy, and we want our dogs to be happy. From a young age, try your best to expose your pup to every person, place, and situation you can. And don't forget to give them their daily Flea Away tablet to keep your furry friend flea free from friends!