Why You Should Rescue A Pet

Have you been thinking about adding a new member to your family? Of course - purchasing a new puppy or kitten can bring so much joy into your life. However, adopting a pet from a shelter is much more rewarding and beneficial for you, the animal, and the community.

So, here's why you should 'Adopt, NOT Shop': 
  1. Save A Life - Dogs and cats can be left in shelters for a very long time and eventually are put down if no one saves them. If you choose to adopt, you are literally saving a special animal's life. 
  2. Unconditional Love - It may be tough at first for an animal to adjust to their new home and family, but they will be very happy you rescued them and always show you love.  
  3. Lower Cost - When you buy a pet, you have to pay a much higher up front price, pay for vaccines, and spay/neuter. Usually shelter dogs and cats will already have vaccines and be spayed/neutered, meaning you just have to pay a small adoption fee back to the shelter. 
  4. Less House Training - Most rescue dogs/cats are trained and well-behaved. Due to unfortunate human problems, like a move or break up, these animals get left behind. When you buy a puppy or kitten, you have to spend the extra time and resources to train them. When you rescue, you don't have to worry about this step if it's an older animal. 
  5. Less Business To Puppy Mills - You're not supporting these inhumane facilities and your money is going back to your local community. 
  6. More Happiness! You and the cat or dog you bring home will benefit immensely and live a much happier life. 

Once you bring your new best friend home. Make sure to keep them protected from fleas and ticks. Using Flea Away, you can avoid all the harsh chemical flea products.