Flea Away® Extra Virgin 100% Pure Norwegian Salmon Oil, 8 oz Spray Bottle

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Flea Away Salmon Oil is your all natural complete source of natural Omega 3 fatty acids for your dogs and cats. Our extra virgin salmon oil comes from non-GMO fed, zero antibiotic sustainable Norwegian salmon. Made of wild, not farmed, salmon so it's lower in calories and higher in EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids increasing its effectiveness. Salmon Oil not only helps promote a healthy skin and coat it also promotes brain, vision, and immune health in dogs and cats.


Our patented manufacturing process preserves the bioactive compounds bringing a higher quality product to you, from filet to salmon oil in 24 hours without the use of chemicals.


    Add daily to your dog or cats food according to weight. To get desired results and for maximum health benefits use every day.


    Cats: 1 Spray daily with food 236 Days
    Dogs 1-49 lbs: 1 Spray daily with food 236 Days
    Dogs 50-99 lbs: 2 Sprays daily with food 118 Days                       
    Dogs 100-149 lbs: 3 Sprays daily with food 78 Days
    Dogs Over 150 lbs: 4 Sprays daily with food 59 Days


    Flea Away Salmon Oil 8 fl. oz Bottle has (236 Sprays) 1ml sprays. Because of the purity of our product you can use much less than the competition.


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