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You Asked, We Answered

Will my pet like Flea Away®?

Most pets we tested enjoy our product. They like the real liver flavor we added and eat Flea Away as though it were a treat. We did occasionally come across some pets with much more defined taste. This was not a problem when we simply crushed the tablets mixed them into the pet's regular food.

Does my pet need to take Flea Away® every day?

Yes. In order to maintain the appropriate level of Flea Away® in their systems, it is necessary to give your pet their suggested dosage every day.

Can my pet take Flea Away® if he/she is on medication?

Flea Away® is as healthy as giving your pet vitamins. If your pet can safely take vitamins, then feel free to give Flea Away® to your pet with confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend that you check with your veterinarian. Our first and foremost objective is to ensure and maintain your pet’s safety.

How long will my pet need to take Flea Away® before any noticeable results?

On average, we found it takes less than 30 days time for your pet to build up the appropriate level to fight off fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. However, since each pet is different, we conservatively recommend thirty days as a good time frame for our effectiveness.

My pet recently had a litter and is currently nursing her babies. Is Flea Away safe to give to my pet while she is nursing?

Yes. Flea Away is safe for both the nursing mother and her litter.

Can my pet overdose?

Flea Away is made to FDA human standards and is essentially water soluble vitamins. If your pet accidentally consumes more than the recommended dosage, the product will simply pass through your pet’s system by drinking water he or she drinks. Of course, if you are concerned, you should contact your veterinarian.

My child has a compromised immune system and cannot tolerate contact with chemical flea treatments. Is Flea Away safe to handle?

Flea Away is natural and free of toxic chemicals. Therefore, there should be no adverse effects on your child.

Where can I purchase Flea Away ?

Flea Away can be purchased on this site,, various pet supply stores, or veterinarian offices.

I would like to sell Flea Away in my business. Do you offer wholesale prices or quantity discounts?

Yes, please contact us at or call 877-215-5665 for a current price quote.

What is the shelf life for this product and are there any special storing instructions for this product?

The approximate shelf life for this product is 3 years. We recommend storing Flea Away® in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight.

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