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Flea Away

Flea, tick, and mosquito treatment that's safe for dogs & cats using ingredients that can be found in NATURE. Flavored with real liver – your pets will love them.

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Flea Away Chewable Treats

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Extra Virgin Salmon Oil

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Flea Away DE

Diatomaceous Earth

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• Made from ingredients found in nature

• BEE SAFE, No toxic chemicals or residue

• Creates an invisible barrier for fleas,  ticks, & mosquitoes

• Bugs are naturally diverted before biting your pet

• Safe mixture of vitamins with benefits beyond bugs

• Helps dogs and cats with allergic reaction to flea bites

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Other Flea Away Benefits


Flea Away reduces shedding and it shines up your pet’s coat.


Flea Away also helps with dermatitis, which is the red sores, scabs & bumps dogs get. The reason is that most people don’t know that 70% to 80% of dogs are allergic to flea bites.


Not only is Flea Away an all-natural flea, tick and mosquito repellant it’s an all-around vitamin supplement so a lot of our customers use it all year round not just during flea season.

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Word on the Street

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"We started using Flea Away on our four dogs and within less than 2 weeks I noticed a mosquito fling toward one of the Westies. It got to with into a foot of her and made a 180 degree turn and went flying off the other way. That afternoon the same thing happened with the other Westie. This stuff works. We have been using it for over a month and haven't seen a flea, tick or anything on any of the dogs. It is wonderful. Thank you."

- Bev Teagle Taos, NM

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